Teneka’s Voice: Dress for Success

By Teneka Wise, from Minneapolis Community and Technical College working with the Human Resources Department

Hello everyone, my name is Teneka Wise and I am a student at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, with a major in Human Services. I aspire to direct a youth (ages 16-24) housing project in the near future that will impact generations. Speaking of generations and futures, I plan on using the leadership skills that the Urban Scholars program is instilling in me, to complete this mission.

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Currently I am interning in the City of Minneapolis Human Resources Department.  I applied to be in the Urban Scholars program because I wanted to gain new professional experiences that would help me in the public sector. One of those professional experiences was a presentation on Dressing for Success lead by Velma J. Korbel, the director of Civil Rights.  Ms. Korbel talked about proper grooming techniques and what is and isn’t appropriate for women and men to wear in the workplace. Ms. Korbel briefly talked about her personal experience with stiletto pumps that lightened the vibe in the room.  She also discussed how important is to be taken seriously in the workplace. In this competitive job market, I’m going to need all the skills I can get. 

The City of Minneapolis takes great pride in their employees, and in return the employees should take great pride in the City of Minneapolis.  With all of the knowledge that I have gained from the Urban Scholars program I can honestly say, that I am ready for the REAL world.

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