Tayis’s Voice: Urban Scholars Department Discussion

By Tayis Lawson, from the Augsburg College working with the Department of Health and Family Support

Tayis Lawson(Urban Scholar) , Lara Tiede (Health Program Manager), and Pam Blixt (Manager, Public Health Emergency Response)My name is Tayis Lawson a junior at Augsburg College majoring in international relations with a concentration in international business. I have been placed to work in the City of Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support. I’m working with the healthy living team on the parks and recreations healthy food policy initiatives and the after school program healthy food guidelines. I ‘am also working with the emergency preparedness team to help prepare for natural disasters and man-made disasters.

I wanted to be an Urban Scholar because I always look forward to new experiences to gain more knowledge. I am an individual always looking for opportunities to explore and learn more. I think it is very important to be expose to the real work world. It will absolutely help an undergraduate like myself succeed professionally. And to experience what is it like to work in the public sector.

 I would recommend others to apply next year because it is a great program. It is a great experience for anyone in the undergraduate level. Most importantly others should apply because it a great way to meet new people in different areas of the City of Minneapolis departments for networking and for future references. 

The purpose of the brown bag lunch series was to learn more about what projects each Urban Scholars is working on. The most meaningful moment of the discussion was when we all shared what we learned so far, the projects we are currently working on, and what we like the most/least in our departments.

During that discussion I learned about what my fellow Urban Scholars are working on, what they are learning, and areas of improvement. I know my department is working with the Urban Scholar Jilla Nadimi’s office (regulatory services) on the Minneapolis Healthy Corner Store project.

I am looking forward to gain more knowledge and I hope to bring my best and make a difference in my department as I continue this great experience.

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