Dafina’s Voice: City Hall Tour

By Dafina Bobo, from Wellesley College working with the City Coordinator and Finance Department

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I’m Dafina Bobo a sophomore at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. I am a prospective Theater Studies and Economics double major. Through the Urban Scholars Program I’ve been placed in the City Coordinator and Finance offices. I wanted to be an Urban Scholar because Minneapolis is my home. Since middle school I have been engaged in the community that has given so much to me.  The City has provided an outlet for college students to begin to understand how to turn passions into a career. I encourage anyone who values service to apply to be an Urban Scholar.

The tour of City Hall was a great addition to all the smaller events organized. The tour wasn’t meant to be an intellectually challenging event, but it taught me about a building that is at the center of Minneapolis, that I otherwise wouldn’t know anything about.  Starting from the beautiful dusty red exterior and into the marble finish over the columns and stairways, there lies a vast history.  The most memorable point of the tour exists on some tiles laid in the hallways of City Hall. These specific tiles have the name and contact information of single women. Though we don’t know how effective this method was, they hoped that men who laid the tiles would see their tile as an invitation to come pursue them later. These tiny invitations were tiny pieces of the colorful history of City Hall and Minneapolis as a whole.


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