Ahmed’s Voice: Respect in the Workplace Policy and Ethics Code Training

Urban Scholar Ahmed Abdulle Ahmed Abdulle here, giving you an inside look at one of the most important trainings for City of Minneapolis employees. Before I talk about the event, let me give you guys a background of myself: I am a soon to be sophomore at Minneapolis Community and Technical College studying Liberal Arts. I am planning on transferring to the University of Minnesota to earn a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Currently I’m working for the City of Minneapolis, Neighborhood and Community Relations Department through the Urban Scholars Program. I applied to the program to get hands on experience in the public sector. I believe everyone should apply for this program whether or not they want to join the public sector is not the point. Here you will learn how the city works from the inside and contribute to bettering its future.

As a City of Minneapolis employee, you have to participate in the Respect in the Workplace Policy and Ethics Code Training once every three years. This year they had someone very interesting in the room, me. In the first half of the workshop we learned about workplace policy in regards to discrimination, harassment, and respect. The City of Minneapolis does not allow workplace discrimination towards someone’s creed or religion, age, color, or workplace. The City is very strict when it comes to harassment of other employees. The second half of the workshop was about the Ethics Code; things like receiving gifts from customers, employers, and fellow employees. What I learned that day was rich in quality and will sustain me for the next three years. Now the trick is to find a way to continue working for the City.

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