Ahmed’s Voice: Meeting the Chief Information Officer

By Ahmed Abdulle, from Minneapolis Community and Technical College working with the Neighborhood & Community Relations Department

Ahmed and Otto, City of Minneapolis CIO

Ahmed and Mr. Otto Doll, City of Minneapolis CIO

Hello again this is Ahmed bringing you up to date news on my experience working with the City of Minneapolis through the Urban Scholars Program. Last week July 2, 2012 I met up with Otto Doll, Chief Information Officer for the City of Minneapolis. I am finishing up my freshman year at MCTC and one of my biggest dilemmas in life is trying to find my career path. I have an interest in technology and always wanted to know what it would be like working in the tech world.

On Monday, July 2, 2012 I met Otto at his office. Let me tell you one thing, I have been working as an intern for the City for about six weeks and I have not yet seen an office as awesome as Otto’s; it is spacious, bright with natural light, has multiple furniture to relax in, and a formal meeting table to conduct business. It is a combination of an office, lounge, and a meeting room all in one.

When I walked in Otto directed me to the meeting table and we started to chat: first about his history and career life, then advice on how to keep up with the tech world. The meeting lasted about an hour, and I learned so much from him. My objective of the meeting was to better understand the world of technology. What I learned that day was why I should join the world of technology. There are always changes and innovations in that world. One way of keeping up with the constant change of things is to be part of it. That is why I eventually would like to become a CIO, Chief Information Officer. I want to be part of a movement which unites the world through technology and also would like to have such an awesome office as Otto’s if not bigger and better.

Thanks for tuning in on my adventures as an Urban Scholar. I plan to post as much insight on the City of Minneapolis as I can. Until next time, this is Ahmed Abdulle signing off.

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