James Hoskins v. Augustana Care Services

The Complainant alleged that the Respondent wrongfully terminated this employment based on his disability in violation of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance (MCRO).  The Department’s investigation found that the Respondent hired the Complainant as a Maintenance Technician based on his twenty-five years of experience.  The Respondent learned of the Complainant’s disability on his first day of work.  At the conclusion of the day, the Respondent terminated his employment stating that it had concerns regarding safety and that the Complainant was unable to fulfill the requirements of the position.

The Department found that the Respondent did not base its opinion of the Complainant’s capabilities on any specific medical facts.  Instead, the Respondent relied on its own erroneous assumptions and stereotypes of the Complainant’s abilities.

The Complainant was awarded $45,000 in monetary relief.  The Respondent agreed to train its management and human resource staff in its responsibilities under applicable disability laws.  Lastly, the Respondent agreed to revise its policies addressing its obligations under the MCRO and other applicable state and federal laws.

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