PCOC Meeting in a Snapshot: May Edition

The Police Conduct Oversight Commission held its monthly meeting on May 9, 2017. Highlights of the meeting included: a discussion of the draft Domestic Violence Response Study, including speakers from multiple community groups; a Commission Chair report; Committee reports; and case review.

The meeting opened with an update from OPCR Director Imani Jaafar who informed the Commission that some changes and additions were made to the Domestic Violence Study, specifically the appendix. See the updated study here. This update was followed by an invitation for community groups to offer public comment on the Domestic Violence Study. Speakers including a representative from the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, a domestic violence survivor and a representative from Global Rights for Women. The representative from the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women spoke to the Commission on behalf of 14 of its member organizations, who are local domestic violence service providers. They asked that the Commission delay the passage of the Study until these groups could offer their input in regard to the report’s findings and recommendations. A domestic violence survivor also spoke to the Commission, explaining her struggle with her perpetrator and the lack of response and assistance she received from Minneapolis police in regard to her situation. Last, a representative from Global Rights for Women spoke. She expressed her organization’s support for the Commission to meet and work with additional local domestic violence groups and service providers that are interested in contributing to the report. The Commission discussed these comments and voted to send the report to the Audit Committee for further discussion and to give the Commission a chance to meet with these interested local groups.

Following discussion on the Domestic Study, Chair Brown provided a Chair report. She informed other Commissioners that she testified at a public meeting held by the Minnesota Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. She spoke of law enforcement and civil rights in the state.

Next were Committee reports. The Policy and Procedure Committee did not meet this month, but the former Committee Chair, Commissioner Singleton, provided Commissioners with an update on the Co-responder Pilot Project. She and other members of the pilot’s workgroup interviewed police officer candidates for positions this week and made selections. Those selections are currently going through approval processes, and the work group has a meeting set with the Assistant Chief to discuss and continue moving the project forward. The Outreach Committee also did not meet this month, but Committee member, Commissioner Foroozan, shared that when they do meet, they plan to work on getting involved in Open Streets events throughout the city this summer. The Audit Committee did meet and spent most of their time on the Domestic Study. The Commission voted to send another possible project to the Audit Committee as well, one looking at Minneapolis Police Department recruitment and physiological testing. The Audit Committee will look into developing a methodology for such a study in the future.

Commissioners then reviewed case summaries 4, 5 and 6 chosen in April, and reviewed cases to be converted into summaries from the May Synopses and chose cases 1, 4, and 6. The meeting then adjourned, with another monthly meeting scheduled for June 13, 2017.

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