PCOC Meeting Snapshot: November Edition

dsc_0149The PCOC held its monthly meeting on November 16, 2016. Highlights included opening comments from the Vice Chair, a presentation on a possible protest monitoring project, updates to the online police misconduct portal, Committee updates and case review.

The meeting began with comments from Commission Vice Chair Jennifer Singleton, who noted that is was that one-year anniversary of the shooting death of Jamar Clark. She discussed the importance of this to the Minneapolis community, as well some of the positive changes made in Minneapolis policing since that tragic event. Vice Chair Singleton voiced concern regarding the fact that the administrative review of the Jamar Clark case did not go through the civilian review process at the Office of Police Conduct Review and was instead handled entirely by the police department. She informed the Commission that a new protocol has been established to ensure that future events, specifically “critical incidents”, will always go through the OPCR, allowing for civilian investigation as a part of the process.

Next, OPCR Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick presented a brief proposal to the Commission on developing a protest monitoring group. Both he and Commission Chair Brown heard about such a group used in Washington D.C. at a presentation at the recent NACOLE conference. The Commission passed a motion to move the project to the Audit Committee to develop a methodology.

Ryan Patrick also updated the Commission on changes made to the online portal for police misconduct data. Since last month, the portal has been updated to include data on open cases, information on complainant preferences for a sworn or civilian investigator, review panel data going back to first panel decision, and disciplinary action broken down by quarter. Mr. Patrick also told Commissioners that the portal has already been accessed more than 4,000 times.

Committee reports followed this update. The Policy and Procedure Committee continues to work on the co-responder pilot program with the MPD and to develop a framework for the Chief’s performance review. Read the Chair Report here. The Outreach Committee continues to work on a Peace Forum and the details of that event have been further solidified. The Commission passed a motion to conduct the Forum on November 29 at the Hook and Ladder Theater from 6:00-8:30pm. Participants in the forum will include members of the PCOC, MPD administration, and community leaders and activists. The goal of the event is to facilitate conversation between police and the community. Vice Chair Jennifer Singleton will represent the Commission at the event.

Commissioners then discussed case summaries 02, 06, and 09 and chose cases to be converted to summaries for the next commission meeting from the November Case Synopses. The cases are: 3, 8 and 10. The Commission then adjourned, with the next monthly meeting scheduled for December 13, 2016.


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