PCOC Meeting Snapshot: October Edition

One of the many dashboards available for public use on the OPCR website

One of the many dashboards available for public use on the OPCR website

The PCOC held its monthly meeting on October 11, 2016. Highlights included a presentation of the OPCR’s new data portal, Committee updates, the Chair’s update from the NACOLE conference and case review.

The meeting began with a presentation from OPCR Director Imani Jafaar and Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick on the OPCR’s exciting new data portal, providing public access to data on police misconduct, which was unveiled earlier in the day at a news conference. The portal provides two new tools that are posted on the OPCR website and available for public use. The first provides data in seven dashboards, including an interactive map of allegations of police misconduct, demographic information linked to allegations, case processing decisions made by the joint supervisors and disciplinary outcomes. See the tool here. The second tool is a system to search for officer complaint histories. See that tool here. Commissioners showed great enthusiasm for the new tools and are excited to use them in their continued MPD policy work.

This presentation was followed by Committee reports. The first of those reports came from the Outreach Committee, where a community member, Jacque Erickson,  spoke about Peace Forum planning. The presentation was followed by discussion among Commissioners as to how and to what degree the Commission would participate in that forum. Policy and Procedure Chair Singleton, shared with other Commissioners updates on the co-responder pilot project planning, as well as the development of the Chief of Police performance review methodology, to be presented to the full Commission at the next monthly meeting. See the Policy and Procedure Committee Chair Report here. Audit Committee Chair Buss discussed the Audit Committee’s last meeting, where they discussed the data portal presented at this monthly meeting.

Commissioners then discussed cases selected and converted to summaries from the September meeting, cases 05, 08 and 10. They then selected new cases from the October Case Synopses. Cases selected are 2, 6 and 9.

The meeting then adjourned, with the next monthly meeting planned for November 15, as November 8 is election day.

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