Office of Police Conduct Review Provides New Data Portal Allowing for Public Access to Police Misconduct Data

Office of Police Conduct Review Provides New Data Portal Allowing for Public Access to Police Misconduct Data


On October 11th  two new tools went live on the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights website and both are fully accessible to the public. The first of those tools allows anyone to review public data, maintained by the Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR) on police misconduct and investigation. It contains data from 2013 to the present and updates every two weeks. The data is displayed in seven dashboards, including an interactive map of allegations of police misconduct, demographic information linked to allegations, case processing decisions made by the joint supervisors and disciplinary outcomes. All this data is interactive, allowing a user to drill down to more specific data based on any available data point. For instance, a user could look at complaints by precinct, or map a specific type of allegation.
View the  tool here:

The second tool is a system to search for officer complaint histories. Such histories are the most frequent requests received by the Office of Police Conduct Review.  Now, using the tool, anyone may look up any officer and locate records from OPCR, MPD’s Internal Affairs Unit, and the former Civilian Review Authority. The tool provides as much information about the complaint history of an officer as is allowed under the Minnesota Data Practices Act. Such information includes the listing of every complainant, whether the case is opened or closed, whether there was final discipline, and the discipline imposed. View the tool here:

The creation of these tools marks the first time ever that such information has been made available to the public, on demand. With the release of the tool, Mayor Betsy Hodges stated the City is “leading the way nationally in such transparency” Council Member Cam Gordon offered the tool “will help build and enhance accountability, transparency and trust in our communities.”  The Office of Police Conduct Review is happy to be contributing to these goals that are such a vital part of the mission and work of  Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights.

The release of this Data Portal, has already garnered much media attention, with stories including:

We would like to thank its partners, the data scientists in the City’s Information Technology Department and the Minneapolis Police Department. We encourage  all to interact with these newly released tools.

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