Police Conduct Oversight Commission in the Press!


Both the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio are talking about the work of the PCOC. On Wednesday, the Star Tribune published a story about revamping the process by which citizens can file complaints against Minneapolis Police Officers. This revamp is in response to the PCOC Complaint Filing Experience Research and Study published last month. Great improvements to the complaint filing process include training for officers on how complaint filing should be handled, and the creation of “compliant cards” that will help citizens filing complaints understand more about the complaint filing system and provide them contact information for support through the process.

Read the Star Tribune article Minneapolis Police to Revamp Citizen Complaint ProcessRead the PCOC’s report Complaint Filing Experience.

Minnesota Public Radio reported yesterday that Minneapolis police officers will begin recording the race and gender of all individuals involved in traffic stops, suspicious person stops, suspicious vehicle stops, truancy, curfew and attempted arrest calls. In addition to race and gender, officers will also now be required to document things like whether an individual was searched. All of this information must be tracked whether or not the individual is arrested following the stop and possible search. This is in response to a report by the PCOC on Investigatory Stop Documentation, released in April 2015, showing severe deficiencies in documentation especially related to investigative stops. The PCOC has worked with the MPD since the report’s release to develop this newly implemented system.

Listen to the MPR story Minneapolis Police Will Track Race, Gender at Traffic Stops. Read the PCOC’s Investigatory Stop Documentation Review.

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