PCOC Meeting Snapshot: September Edition

OPCR Director Imani Jaafar and IA Commander Jason Case present updates on Complaint filing to the Commission.

OPCR Director Imani Jaafar and MPD Internal Affairs Commander Jason Case present updates on Complaint filing to the Commission.

The PCOC held its monthly meeting on August 09, 2016. Highlights included an update on improvements made following the Compliant Filing Experience Study, Committee updates and case review.

The meeting began with a presentation from OPCR Director Imani Jaafar and Internal Affairs Commander Jason Case. The two discussed the many steps taken by both the OPCR and the MPD following the Compliant Filing Experience Study, which showed a variety of challenges for citizens trying to file complaints against police officers. See the Study here. Improvements already accomplished include a complaint card, complaint form clarification, OPCR website improvements and an updated complaint manual that is consistent across OPCR and Internal Affairs use.

Improvements still in process include revisions of procedures, a complaint notification form, MPD website updates, revisions to MPD Policy and Procedure Manual Policy 2-103 governing complaint filing, the establishment of an off-site office where OPCR and Internal Affairs staff could take complaints and conduct interviews and training for MPD staff on all of these improvements. See the presentation here.

The Commissioners expressed their support for these improvements and discussed their interest in a lock box at precincts to collect complaints. More updates on improvements will take place at future PCOC meetings.

This presentation was followed by Committee Reports. Outreach Committee member Adriana Cerrillo discussed her many meeting over the last month with City Council representatives and state legislators, in addition to the Committee’s continued work on a Peace Forum tentatively planned for November. See the Chair Report here. The Policy and Procedure Committee did not have a meeting this past month but Committee Chair Jennifer Singleton reported her continued work with the MPD to create a co-responder pilot program, which would pair a mental health professional with a MPD officer to respond to mental health related police calls. This is a project that was recommended as a part of the Commission’s Mental Health study released in May. See that report here.  The Audit Committee worked this month on identifying data points to collect for analysis including body camera use, suspicious person stops, Emotionally Distributed Person calls, complaint filing and use of force. Commissioner Singleton also shared that she will be presenting the results of the Complaint Filing Experience to the City Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights & Emergency Management Committee on September 28th.

The meeting then moved to case review where Commissioners discussed case summaries 3, 5 and 7, chosen from last month’s case synopses. Commissioners also chose new cases to be converted to summaries from the September Synopses, which are cases 5, 8 and 10.

The meeting adjourned, with the next monthly PCOC meeting scheduled for October 11, 2016.

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