PCOC Meeting Snapshot: August Edition

OPCR Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick presents the Complaint Filing Experience Study to the Commission.

OPCR Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick presents the Complaint Filing Experience Study to the Commission.

The PCOC held its monthly meeting on August 09, 2016. Highlights included a presentation of the Compliant Filing Experience Study, discussion of a Commission sponsored Peace Forum, Committee updates and case review.

OPCR Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick presented the Complaint Filing Experience Research and Study to the Commission. See the study here and his presentation here. The study looked at the various sources by which complaints of police misconduct may be filed, reviewed each source to assess and ensure complaints reached the OPCR, and recommended improvements to ensure all complainants have access to the process. The study uncovered many concerns, including issues filing in-person complaints at police precincts. The Study reports that in 15 attempts to file complaints at precincts, only 2 were successful and a complaint actually filed. The study also highlighted the inability of complaints to be filed exclusively over the phone, since a complaint requires the complainant’s signature. Recommendations included ensuring all precincts have complaint forms, training officers and city phone operators on the complaint process, and changing the location of the OPCR and MPD Internal Affairs offices to one that is not so close to the MPD administration, and therefore not as potentially intimidating to those wishing to file misconduct complaints against MPD officers. Commissioners brought and passed a motion to adopt the study.

During the Outreach Committee Report, provided by Committee Chair Westphal, both Commission Westphal and Cerrillo discussed a Peace Forum they would like the Commission to sponsor. The Forum would provide a space for civilians and MPD officers to engage in a meaningful discussion on issues that matter to them. Logistics for such an event are still being determined and Commissioners passed a motion to continue working out those logistics and report back at the next monthly meeting. See the Outreach Committee Chair Report here.

The Policy and Procedure Committee continues to work toward building an effective work group on mental health and policing, and on the implementation of a co-responder pilot program for the MPD. Commissioner Foroozan presented his work as a part of that Committee to develop a framework for performance reviews for the Chief of Police, a process that he discussed could include after-action reports, looking at how the MPD responds to PCOC policy and practice recommendations. See the Policy and Procedure Committee Chair Report here.

The Audit Committee continues to look in to risk assessment of the MPD. The Committee is considering identifying certain departmental practices and collecting regular data in these areas that could be published in quarterly reports made to the whole commission.

The meeting concluded with case review where Commissioners discussed case summaries 1, 3, and 10. Commissioners then selected cases to be converted to summaries for next month’s meeting from the August case synopses. Commissioners selected cases 3, 5 and 7. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2016.

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