PCOC Meeting Snapshot: July Edition

A slide from the OPCR Q2 2016 report presented to the PCOC.

A slide from the OPCR Q2 2016 report presented to the PCOC.

The PCOC held its monthly meeting on July 12, 2016. Highlights included discussions about recent law enforcement related violence, a research and study looking at the complaint filing experience, a white paper on requiring officer liability insurance, quarterly reports from the Office of Police Conduct Review and MPD’s Internal Affairs Unit, committee updates and case review.

The meeting opened with a discussion of recent police related events, where each Commissioner shared a thought or comment. Commissioner’s remarks included feelings of sadness and frustration, but also a call to maintain the Commission’s emphasis on outreach and community engagement, and the need for the Commission to bridge the gap between police and community members.

OPCR Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick presented a methodology for a research and study looking at the avenues and accessibility of the misconduct complaint filing process. See the methodology here. The Commission showed interest in the project and passed a motion to conduct the study.

Mr. Patrick also discussed the Commission producing a white paper on requiring officer liability insurance, an issue community members presented to the Commission at a previous meeting. This white paper would present a neutral review of the literature currently available on issue, in addition to statements from stakeholders. A motion was passed to complete the project.

OPCR Director Imani Jaafar presented the Office’s Quarterly Report for the second quarter of 2016. Highlights of the report include an increase in complainants, more efficient case processing time and a larger number of cases being sent to investigation. See the presentation here.

Internal Affairs Acting Commander Henry Halvorson presented IA’s Quarterly Report to the Commission as well. See the presentation here. He also presented a project he has been working on to develop leadership in the MPD. His project would include 9-month leadership programs where possible future MPD leaders would meet, review material, and have group discussions surrounding leadership skills and challenges. The Acting Commander is currently working with the MPD Administration on the project and Commissioners voiced their hope that the program proceeds.

Committee Chairs then presented their reports to the Commission. Read the Outreach Committee Report here. Read the Audit Report here. While the Policy and Procedure Committee did not hold its normal monthly meeting in July, Chair Singleton and OPCR’s Ryan Patrick discussed a new project the Committee would like to take on, an effort to revise the MPD’s Policy and Procedure Manual. The project would include actual revision of policy, in addition to reexamining the manual’s numbering system, and revising the MPD Discipline Matrix to ensure it aligns with current policies. A methodology will be presented at the next Policy and Procedure Committee meeting.

Commissioners then discussed the case summaries chosen from the June meeting. They also chose cases from the July case synopses to be converted to case summaries for next month, cases 1, 3, and 10. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2016.

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