PCOC Meeting in a Snapshot: May Edition


Equity Division Director Cassidy Gardenier presenting to the PCOC

The PCOC held its monthly meeting on May 10, 2016. Highlights of the meeting included an update on and Commission adoption of the mental health research and study, a presentation from the Civil Rights Equity Division, a report on community outreach at the Cinco de Mayo celebration, discussion of the PCOC Body Camera Position Paper and Forum and case review.

The meeting began with an update on changes made to the Mental Health Study which now includes a recommendation that the MPD work with the Commission to develop a co-responder pilot program to be implemented in the MPD. An overview of the changes can be found here. Following the update, Commissioner Singleton moved to adopt the Preliminary Report of Officer Interactions with Mental Health Issues: A Policy Study and that motion passed. See the adopted report here.

The PCOC then received a presentation from the Director of the Department of Civil Rights’ Equity Division, Cassidy Gardenier, who discussed with the Commission this relatively new division, introduced its staff and presented its important work to promote racial equity in Minneapolis by ensuring equitable access to city services, supporting programs like Urban Scholars and other special projects. For more information on the division, see its website here.

Commissioner Westphal and Cerrillo then discussed the PCOC’s participation in the Cinco de Mayo event, explaining that it went quite well. Many law enforcement officials attended, and the Commissioners present were able to interact positively with them and the public.

The Commission then moved on to a discussion of a proposed position paper on Body Camera Implementation in the MPD, voicing its concerns and calling on Chief Harteau to adopt a variety of measures contained in the PCOC original recommendations released last September, as a part of the MPD draft policy. The position paper was adopted by the Commission and can be found here. The Commission then discussed some logistics for the Body Camera Forum planned for May 14th at 10:00am at the Advocates for Human Rights, 330 Second Avenue South, Suite 800.

Next were committee reports, starting with the Outreach Committee who continued the discussion of the Forum, and a draft agenda can be found in the Outreach Committee Report. In addition, Committee Chair Westphal discussed her experience observing MPD Crisis Intervention Training, noting her thoughts that the training was lacking in a variety of ways, including officer engagement. She plans to share a report on her experience in the near future.

Next Policy and Procedure Committee Chair Singleton presented the Policy and Procedure Committee Report, which covered the Mental Health study updates, the position paper on body cameras, the Committee’s work on the review of the MPD Policy and Procedure Manual and a framework for a performance review of the Chief of Police.

It was additionally announced that the newly formed Audit Committee will hold its first meeting on June 7, and now regularly meet the first Tuesday of every month. At the first meeting, Committee members plan to discuss the Committee’s function, foundation and potential future projects.

Committee updates were followed by review of case summaries from March and April and selection of cases for May. Summaries for March can be found here and for April, here. Synopses can be found here. The cases chosen for May are are cases 4, 7, and 10. The Commission then adjourned and the next monthly meeting is scheduled for June 14, 2016.

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