PCOC Meeting in a Snapshot: February Edition

OPCR Policy Analyst Kaela McConnon presents to the Commission on the Mental Health Response Methodology

OPCR Policy Analyst Kaela McConnon presents to the PCOC on the Mental Health Response Study  Methodology

The Police Conduct Oversight Commission held its monthly meeting on February 9, 2016. Meeting highlights included committee appointments, a discussion on conducting a formal performance review for the Chief of Police, Commission involvement with the National Justice Initiative, an update on the Mental Health Response Study Methodology and committee reports.

To begin the meeting, Chair Brown announced new committee appointments for the new year which are as follows:

Policy and Procedure Committee: Commissioner Singleton, Commissioner Foroozan, Commissioner Farah
Outreach Committee: Commissioner Westphal, Commissioner Cerrillo, Commissioner Foroozan

In addition to these two established committees, Commissioner Singleton introduced the idea of establishing an Audit Committee whose purpose would be to work on Research and Studies which function in more of an audit capacity . The advantage of working on such studies through such a committee is that they could become certified audits, utilizing the OPCR’s Law Enforcement Analyst Ryan Patrick’s official certification as a law enforcement auditor. Commissioners discussed the opportunity, Commissioner Singleton put forth a motion that a framework be developed for the committee, and the motion passed.

Following the committee discussion, Chair Brown spoke about the contribution individual members of the Commission had made in reference to a performance review of the Chief of Police but acknowledged a need for a more formal process for conducting such a review in the future.  Commissioners discussed the idea and passed a motion to develop a official procedure for such a review through the Policy and Procedure Committee, with a completion timeline for early summer.

Chair Brown also updated Commissioners and the public regarding the Commission’s interactions with National Justice Initiative.  Chair Brown spoke to the City Council, voicing a desire that the PCOC be involved in the Initiative’s work, which has since taken place. The Commission has been involved in the Initiative’s work through an introductory meeting and a later training with Initiative representatives.

Next were committee updates, beginning with one from the Policy and Procedure Committee from Commissioner Singleton.  The Policy and Procedure Committee, at its last meeting, spent much of its time viewing and giving input regarding the methodology for the Mental Health Response Study. Additionally, the committee discussed revisions of the entire Minneapolis Police Department Policy and Procedure Manual and corresponding Discipline Matrix.

Commissioner Westphal provided the update for the Outreach Committee and noted her extensive work on the Mental Health Response Study. She noted meetings she has held with many stakeholders. She also noted the Outreach Committee’s general meetings with community groups such as STAMP Minnesota and  Black Clergy Untied for Change.  The Outreach Committee is also in the process of selecting its official monthly meeting time based on newly appointed committee members’ schedules.

Following committee reports, Commissioners reviewed case summaries and selected cases from synopses to be turned into summaries.  Cases selected were 1, 8 and 9.

The meeting then adjourned and the next monthly meeting is set for March 8, 2016.

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