PCOC Meeting in a Snapshot: January Edition

One new and two existing Commissioners being sworn in by the City Clerk.

One new and two existing Commissioners were sworn-in by the City Clerk.

The Police Conduct Oversight Commission held its first monthly meeting of 2016 on January 12, 2016.  Meeting highlights included the swearing-in of a newly appointed Commissioner, and newly appointed Review Panelist, a welcome from Commission Chair Brown, a policy update from Deputy Chief Medaria Arradondo, a presentation on the OPCR 4th Quarterly Report from Director Imani Jaafar, and Committee reports. 

Commission Chair Brown welcomed all those in attendance to a new year of work for the PCOC and introduced herself and asked other Commissioners to do the same. Commissioners detailed their professional work outside the Commission and expressed their purposes for being on the Commission, much of which focused on a desire to advocate on behalf of the community in regard to police accountability.

Following these introductions, Deputy Chief Medaria Arradondo presented a policy update to the Commission which focused on changes made to the MPD Policy and Procedure Manual regarding officer use of inappropriate language.  The changes were made in an effort to make the policy more readable and applicable.  The changed sections are 5-105(C) can be found here. The Deputy Chief also gave the Commission an update on investigative stop data collection, noting that the system to record ethnicity is still be worked on by the IT department but that a roll out of the new system is expected soon. He then updated Commissioners on the development of the MPD policy in regard to the implementation of body cameras.  The roll out of body cameras is still expected in March of 2016 and the policy is currently being reviewed by the City Attorney. The Deputy Chief stated that the policy will be presented to the PCOC after any feedback and changes are incorporated following the City Attorney’s review.  The Deputy Chief noted that this policy includes robust incorporation of the PCOC’s policy recommendations on body camera implementation, based on national best practices and community input, published in the Body Camera Research and Study.

Next, OPCR Director Imani Jaafar presented the 4th Quarterly Report on the work of the Office of Police Conduct Review and noted case processing times, review panel recommendations and case decisions made by the Chief of Police. Her presentation can be found here. The Director also noted that an annual report from the OPCR will be released and presented to the Commission in February.

Following Director Jaafar’s presentation, committee reports were given.  Policy and Procedure Committee Chair Buss presented the work of that Committee, focusing on the “Doesn’t Fit Any Crime” Study and the development of the Mental Health Study Methodology which is expected to be presented at the next PCOC monthly meeting in February. A full committee report can be found here.  Additionally, a report from the Outreach Committee can be found here.

The Commission then discussed the case summaries for the month. As a part of this discussion, it was noted that the Commission would like a presentation on the discipline matrix used by the MPD at a meeting in the near future. Commissioners reviewed case synopses and chose cases 6, 8 and 9 to be converted to summaries for the February PCOC meeting.

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