PCOC Meeting in a Snapshot: October Edition

DC  Arradondo presents to Commissioners.

DC Arradondo presents to Commissioners.

The Police Conduct Oversight Commission held its monthly meeting on October 13th, 2015.  Highlights of the meeting included an update on the MPD investigatory stops data collection, a presentation on participation in the NACOLE conference, the 3rd Quarterly Report for 2015, and Committee reports.

Deputy Chief Arradondo addressed Commissioners regarding the update to investigatory stops data collection.  He informed the Commission that the MPD is currently working with their IT department to develop a method to track the race, age, location and time of day of investigatory stops in both the computer and radio systems officers use. When implemented, this tracking will be required for every investigative stop, so much so that officers will able unable to receive a new call for service until they complete said tracking information. While the computer system is very close to operational already, the radio system will take more time, as will training on the new system for dispatchers and call takers. DC Arradondo hopes the program roll out will take place in November and he would like to report back to the Commission following that roll out. Commissioner Brown personally invited him to speak again to the Commission at the monthly meeting in December.

Commission Chair Brown presented to her fellow Commissioners regarding her attendance and participation in the NACOLE conference last week.  She had a very positive experience and noted that many other oversight agencies are adopting the type of hybrid oversight system used in Minneapolis. Chair Brown also noted that she shared two recent Commission research and study reports including the Body Camera Report and the Investigatory Stops Report with fellow NACOLE conference participants. Both were positively received.

The OPCR’s Ryan Patrick reported to the Commission regarding the 3rd Quarterly Report, noting a variety of staff change in the Office and that a more comprehensive quarterly update would be made at the November monthly meeting.

The Policy and Procedure Committee Chair Buss shared the Committee’s experience hearing from a MPD representative regarding MPD on School Resource Officers and initiatives those officers are involved in to engage students, families and communities. A full committee report can be found here.

Outreach Committee Chair Singleton shared Committee updates including Committee participation in Open Streets events and a presentation of the Body Camera Report to the Minneapolis City Council’s Public Safety Committee on September 30th. A full committee report can be found here.

Committee reports were followed by a discussion of case summaries and Commissioners selected the cases to be summarized and discussed at the next monthly Commission meeting on November 10th. Those cases are: 1, 7 and 8.  Synopses of these cases can be found here.

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