Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights attend the Second Annual Trans* Equity Summit

trans1Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights staff attended the Second Annual Trans* Equity Summit. The Summit was put on to raise awareness  of issues, engage the broader community, and make policy recommendations for City government that will affect the lives of Transgender residents of Minneapolis. The summit was full of powerful discussion and storytelling.

The day began by showing  a trailer for the documentary film Free CeCe. CeCe McDonald is a trans African American woman who survived a violent, racist, and transphobic attack and then served time in a men’s prison in Minnesota. In the film, Actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) discusses the issue of trans-misogyny and the epidemic of viole​nce surrounding trans women of color.

Later in the afternoon came a  riveting panel discussion. Many questions were directed towards build better relationships between the  transgender community and police officers. The day endedtrans 3  by splitting off into break out discussion groups.  Topics discussed included: arrests, jail, booking, health care, and sex trafficking. Event organizers assured attendees that the recommendations generated will be brought back to the City’s Transgender Workgroup is tasked with implementing them into real policy changes, with the hopes of making both the City of Minneapolis government and the Minneapolis geographic area more inclusive to transgender people.

The event took place at Intermedia Arts at 2822 Lyndale Avenue in South Minneapolistrans2. An art exhibit entitled VisibilitT that focuses on the images and stories from the trans community will be available for viewing through the end of October. More information is available here.

* The asterisk indicates an umbrella term for people who identify as transgender as well as people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

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