Congratulations Ryan Patrick, new Police Conduct Operations Supervisor

Legal Analyst Ryan Patrick presenting the Investigatory Stop data.

Ryan Patrick presenting the Investigatory Stop data.

Ryan Patrick has been named the new Police Conduct Operations Supervisor.

In the past year, we have experienced the work of the Police Conduct Oversight Commission growing as it takes ownership of the police conduct policy work in the City enterprise as envisioned by the Police Conduct Oversight ordinance.  Whether it has been the work around cultural awareness, coaching, investigative stops or body worn cameras, the needs of the Commission have grown and Ryan has been at the center, ready and willing to serve the Commission, the Police Department and the City.

It is for this reason that in the civilian unit, we have reorganized and created the OPCR Analysis Team with Ryan Patrick leading the group as the Project Coordinator (Supervisor).  His work group will consist of the Committee Clerk, Intake/Special Projects, Law Clerks, and a future legal analyst.

His team will focus on the development and administration of major projects, primarily related to the Police Conduct Oversight Commission, as well as OPCR data analytics and interdepartmental projects.

Congratulations Ryan!

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