PCOC Continues to Collect Community Input on Body Cameras with the Second of Three Community Listening Sessions

Community member speaks to the Police Conduct Oversight Commissioners

Community member speaks to the Police Conduct Oversight Commissioners

The second of three community listening sessions on the implementation of body cameras in the Minneapolis Police Department took place this past Saturday, July 11th, at Sabathani Community Center in South Minneapolis.  Community attendance was strong, with 14 community members sharing their thoughts and recommendations with the Commission.

Some of the topics raised paralleled those of the first session, including a heavy focus on the accountability body cameras could bring to police conduct, the idea that cameras need to be activated as much as possible to ensure “true” accountability, and that successful implementation of body cameras depends greatly on the thoughtfulness and detail with which the body camera policy is created.  New topics included the use of body cameras by SWAT teams, concerns about body cameras use for civilian surveillance, and the importance of protecting and strengthening civilians’ ability to film the police.  Points were also made on the implementation of body cameras and overall law enforcement conduct; specifically, that discipline must be imposed on officers who fail to follow department policy.  For body cameras, this would likely mean discipline for failing to activate a camera, deactivation of a camera too soon, or tampering with footage.

Attendees were invited to submit a door poll asking Should the Minneapolis Police Department use body cameras?  Of those polled at this listening session,  78% of respondents answered Yes.

Attendees at the second listening session on body camera implementation in the MPD

Attendees at the second listening session on MPD’s body worn camera program.

This session, just like the first, was very much a success in that many community members attended, were able to speak in front of the commission, and had their thoughts documented in order to be a part of PCOC final report and recommendations to the Minneapolis Police Department.  The third session is scheduled for July 25th at 10:00 a.m. at the Minneapolis Adult Education Center, 2225 East Lake Street, Room 140.  As with the first two sessions, all are encouraged to attend to speak.

Find materials from the second listening session here:

For those who are unable to attend a listening session, or prefer to submit written comments on body camera implementation, those comments may be submitted to the Commission’s email address at pcoc@minneapolismn.gov.

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