PCOC and OPCR: Complaints Are An Important First Step For Change


PCOC Commissioner Adriana Cerrillo and Vice Chair Jennifer Singleton attend the 2015 Community Connections event. Photo courtesy of Michael Browne.

The Police Conduct Oversight Commission (PCOC website)  in conjuncture with the Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR website) participated in the 2015 Community Connections Conference (website) on Saturday, March 21st. Commissioners and OPCR staff spoke with numerous community members about the importance of the complaint process (Complaint process prezi).

“If someone experiences or witnesses police misconduct, it’s important that he or she files a complaint, “said Vice Chair Jennifer Singleton.  “Doing so not only allows the specific misconduct to be addressed, but also enables the PCOC to identify patterns and trends in the types of complaints that are filed and recommend appropriate policy and training changes. Filing a complaint is often the first step in creating change for the broader community.”  Complaints can be filed at the OPCR office, through the mail, and online (OPCR online complaint form).


Written by:

 Sarah Pherson, Intake Investigator & Special Projects, OPCR



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