PCOC Meeting in a Snapshot: February Edition

Deputy Chief Kris Arneson addresses the PCOC

Deputy Chief Kris Arneson addresses the PCOC

On February 10, 2015 (Feb. 10, 2014 Meeting Agenda), the Police Conduct Oversight Commission (PCOC) (PCOC Website) held its 2nd meeting of 2015. The meeting highlighted important reasearch and committee initiatives.

Commissioner Jennifer Singleton motioned for  research and study of MPD’s use of “stop and frisk.” The motion directs the Policy and Procedure Committee to establish a methodology for studying “stop and frisks.”

The PCOC appointed new members to the Outreach (Outreach Committee Website) and Policy and Procedure (Policy and Procedure Committee Website) committees. Commissioner Laura Westphal  was appointed to the Outreach and Policy and Procedure committees. Commissioner Adriana Cerrillo was appointed to the Outreach Committee.

The Policy and Procedure Committee provided a chair report. According to Chair Andrew Buss, the Police and Procedure Committee is working on doing a pre-recorded training about cultural awareness. The Policy and Procedure Committee will be responsible for reviewing  two case summaries  the PCOC reviewed during the February meeting.

Deputy Chief Kris Arneson, co-chair of the OJP steering committee, spoke to the PCOC about the sub-committees (OJP Steering Committee Sub-Committees document) . Members from the community and the PCOC were invited to participate in the committees.  Commander Case gave the PCOC an overview of  MPD 2.0 (MPD 2.0 Culture of Accountability Presentation) .

Written by:

 Sarah Pherson- Intake Investigator & Special Projects, OPCR

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  1. John Hoff says:

    Is the acronym for this organization pronounced…peacock? Just wondering.

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