In Her Voice: Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission Chair Andrea Brown States Her Vision

By Michael K. Browne, Director – Office of Police Conduct Review

Andrea Brown, Chair of Oversight Commission addressing Minneapolis City Council 2013

Andrea Brown, Chair of the Police Conduct Oversight Commission

On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, the Police Conduct Oversight Commission met to discuss the business of the committee. At Tuesday’s meeting, the Chair, Ms. Andrea Brown, set aside time specifically to present a statement to the commission. Here is an excerpt from her comments:

“I want to share my vision of the PCOC. I see us doing great things. I believe we can really make an impact. I also know, as we are all learning, we may get side-tracked with outside influences and other exciting and/or interesting events that are outside our purview. It is my job as the chair to ensure that we focus on our objectives laid out in the ordinance. A part of my job is to prioritize agenda items to ensure we are functional and efficient with our time so that at the end of the year, we can look back and see what we have accomplished. Our goal is to have tangible changes focused on policy and training, specifically based off of allegations of police misconduct violating citizens’ civil rights. Our focus is on the entire citizenship of Minneapolis.

A few of the tangibles I see are: having an in-depth study with comparisons to other like cities on coaching – how is it defined? What does it require? Are there standards? What are they? How are they implemented? What improvements can be made to make sure coaching is effective after the officer leaves the office and is out on the street? I see us having a huge impact on the standards of coaching and how it is done, so that it is effective and becomes a staple of the MPD’s protocol.

Besides coaching, I believe there are great opportunities to increase cultural awareness within the MPD. I also see us doing outreach, allowing forums where we go out into the public to hear what certain areas, groups, and citizens of Minneapolis are dealing with, and what concerns they have. I see these forums allowing us to educate the public on what the actual policies are, and dispel any myths.

This process is a step-by-step process. We as a commission are a government agency; we are a city entity. We are to be neutral evaluators. We are not here to move the MPD to one side, nor are we here to move the citizens to one side. We are here to help bridge the gap, and get both sides moving one step closer to trusting and having confidence in one another.”

To view the Agenda for the PCOC Nov. 12, 2013 meeting, please visit the City of Minneapolis website.

Photography by Ryan Patrick

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One Response to In Her Voice: Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission Chair Andrea Brown States Her Vision

  1. John Hoff says:

    Let me see if I can make this blog comment just like a real meeting of the Police Conduct Oversight Commission.


    HEY!!!! I’m Chuck Turchick. Everybody in the room listen to meeeeeeeeee blah blah blah police bad, communism good, irrelevant blah blah blah, I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL, wheeeeee…..


    Chuck. Chuck. Your time is up.

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