Oversight Commission Moves Forward: November 2013

By Angela Cotta, 1L – University of St. Thomas Law School,
Mentee through the Mentor/Externship Program to Michael K. Browne – Director, Office of Police Conduct Review

pcoc_11122013On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, the newly formed Police Conduct Oversight Commission continued with expanded training, discussed cases selected at the previous meeting, had a detailed presentation and discussion of 2013 Quarter 3 Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR) data, and chose new cases to review for next month.

After the call to order, the Minneapolis Chief of Police Janeé Harteau briefly addressed the Commission. She expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the commissioners’ work. Additionally, Chief Harteau extended an offer to work with the Commission to answer any future questions.

The OPCR Director Michael K. Browne conducted a training session for the Commission entitled “Parliamentary Procedure in Action.” The training included an introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, basic terminology that will be useful for the Commission, and the steps in handling a main motion while noting the role of the presiding officer. The Chair of the Commission generally handles this role, but the Vice-Chair may step in to allow the Chair to participate in dialogue and voting.

The Commission moved public comment from the end of the agenda to the middle of the agenda to allow the public to address the cases selected for full summaries before the Commission discussion. After brief comments, the PCOC next moved to adopt the NACOLE Code of Ethics. An amendment passed that included “gender identity” in the section that mandates respectful and unbiased treatment. This brings the NACOLE Code of Ethics (PDF) in line with the Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance.

The OPCR’s Legal Analyst, Ryan Patrick, reviewed 3rd quarter OPCR data with the Commission. He highlighted allegations by precinct, demographic data, and incidents addressed with coaching. Patrick also responded to the Commission’s inquiries about this data. Out of the discussion, Commissioners expressed interest in demographic data on MPD officers, as well as LGBT complainants. Commissioners viewing the demographic data considered outreach to the Latino community.

The Commission next discussed cases selected for full summaries at the October meeting. Out of the discussions, the Commission moved to include a presentation about the OPCR process and the MPD discipline and coaching processes.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Commission discussed summary data of the cases it selected to review during its October meeting. The Commission chose three new cases to review for December. Browne ended the meeting by laying out the future training expectations for the Commission and how the OPCR will continue to improve the process.

To view the Agenda for the PCOC Nov. 12, 2013 meeting, please visit the City of Minneapolis website.

Photography by Ryan Patrick

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