Introducing Our New Civilian Review Authority Board Members

By Samuel Lee Reid II, Assistant Director – Civilian Review Authority

The Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights, and the Civilian Police Review Authority (CRA) would like introduce and welcome the new CRA board members. On March 8, 2012, the Minneapolis City Council appointed eight residents of Minneapolis to the CRA board.

The CRA is fortunate to have the following citizens willing to provide their time to assisting the CRA achieve its mission:

Vernon Wetternach – Mr. Wetternach has served on public boards and been involved in the public sector for over 35 years. He was recently reappointed to the CRA board and has served since 2009. Mr. Wetternach works in the public sector and is a life-long resident of Minneapolis.

Robert Briscoe – Mr. Briscoe is a former Chicago police officer and a retired small business owner. He will bring a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and experience to the board. Mr. Briscoe is very active in his faith community and a volunteer with a youth baseball league.

John Oskar Cetta, Jr – Mr. Cetta is currently a law student with an interest in public service. He has worked with various communities as a student certified attorney with the 10th Judicial District Public Defender’s Office. Mr. Cetta is an active member of his residential community association and an active member of his law school’s honor code council.

Nicholas Paul Cichowicz – Mr. Chichowicz works in the compliance department of a national retailer. He has experience working with various boards that serve the needs of diverse communities. Mr. Chichowiz also has experience in conducting investigations.

Nimo Farah – Ms. Farah has a background in education, counseling, and community organizing. She has volunteered with many local community organizations. Ms. Farah is actively involved in her community and understands the issues facing her community and the police relationship.

Alvaro “Al” Giraud – Mr. Giraud works in the human resources field. He has experience working on government boards, specifically a municipal civil service board and a county human relations board. He is also a member of several professional associations. Mr. Giraud is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Ian Pannkuk – Mr. Pannkuk works in the higher education field. He has extensive training in law enforcement and criminology, which will allow him to have insight into the dynamics of the police/citizen interactions. Mr. Pannkuk has experience working with diverse cultures, and he understands the challenges of balancing law enforcement needs and demands with the rights of citizens.

Lorna Pettis – Ms. Pettis works in administrative services with a national community-serving organization. Ms. Pettis has been active in her community for many years. She has had the opportunity to observe police action from various perspectives. She has a keen understanding of the challenges that face the community and police.

We are grateful for the new board members’ public service and look forward to working with them.

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