Civil Rights Complaint Investigations Program | Mid-Year Report 2011

By Michael K. Browne, Assistant Director – Complaint Investigations

Minneapolis City Hall
Minneapolis City Hall, August 2011

Today, the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department presented a progress report showing a history of the case inventory in the Civil Rights Complaint Investigations Program for the first half of this year. The report also highlighted notable progress made in the program over the last nine months. Click here for a copy of the written report, Civil Rights Complaint Investigation Program Mid-Year Report 2011 (PDF).

As a part of the conversation with the Minneapolis City Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights and Health Committee (chaired by Council Member Don Samuels), we discussed the adjustments made to the program and the implementation of the best practices outlined at Results Minneapolis in September 2010 and March 2011, which have resulted in a more effective process.

The overview of the case inventory is a key tool the program uses to identify the number of cases in the various stages of the program. For example, the report contains a monthly tracking of cases older than 12 months, which assists the Department in charting the progress of the backlog elimination plan. It also identifies the number of cases that would potentially fall into the backlog. In that situation, the Department can quickly identify the case and prioritize its resolution in order to prevent the creation of backlogged inventory in the future.

Finally, the report and discussion provides an overview of the cases closed in 2011 by type and area, which assists the Department in identifying potential community outreach and focused anti-discrimination education that is tailored to meet the need in Minneapolis communities.

The City Council has received and filed the Civil Rights Complaint Investigations Program – 2011 Mid-Year Report.

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