Thank You … Twenty Years of Civilian Oversight

By Samuel Lee Reid II, Assistant Director – Civilian Review Authority

This post is a “roll call” acknowledgement of those who have touched the Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority in some way over the past twenty years. For twenty years, the CRA has been independently accepting, investigating, mediating and adjudicating complaints against Minneapolis police officers. Forged in the smoldering ashes of the public’s frustrations concerning police internal investigations and police/community interactions, on March 20, 1991, the CRA accepted its first complaint. The elected officials heeded the call for change, for boldness, for justice. Since that first complaint, the CRA has seen its share of power struggles, battles, losses, and wins.

Over the 20 years, the CRA has survived blue-ribbon task forces and work groups, overhauls, ordinance changes, budget cuts, a shut down, and a rebirth. It has taken many hours from community groups, individuals, elected officials, and organizations to keep the CRA functioning.

Thank you. Your impact on the CRA cannot be understated.

In addition to the above, three groups of individuals—the city staff, board members, and volunteers—have had tremendous influence on the CRA’s daily commitment to promote the adherence to the highest standard of police conduct and to foster mutual respect between the Minneapolis Police Department and all the populations of the city of Minneapolis.

Over the years, city staff has worked tirelessly to provide fair and thorough investigations with the objective of seeking truth and maintaining citizens and officers’ dignity. Roll call:

Randall Smith
Jackie Hillestad
Rodney Nyenhuis
Daryl Lynn
Marsha Rode
Robin Lolar*
Sharon Pelka*
Patricia Hughes
Roger Danielski
Gerald Dexter
David Awker
Roberta Drew
Michael Johnson
Deborah Smith
Barbara Damchick-Dykes
Adam Richardson
Stephen McKean*
Samuel L. Reid II*
Stephanie Mosher

Over the years, dedicated Minneapolis residents have given their time to the organization as members of the CRA board. These individuals gave many hours to learning police policy and procedure, studying investigations, listening to hearings, and making tough decisions. Roll call:

Lucille Anderson
Gail Baez
Kenneth Beck
Donald Bellfield*
Sharlee Benson
David Bicking
John Blackshaw
Robert Boughton
Michael Burns
Shirley Cain
Anne Cross
Joseph Dobbert
Retha Dowells-Coble
Pramma Elayaperumal*
Dave Ellis
Pam Franklin
Tyrone Frazier
Michael Friedman
Brian Gorecki
William Green
Charles Hall
Alan Hooker
Julian Johnson
Irene Jones
Dean Kallenbach
Anissa Keyes
Patrick Kvidera*
Russell Lane
Gregory Langason
Helen Marie Lewis
Linares, Juan
Daryl Lynn
Robert Madryga
Mark Matthews
Lynne Mayo
Charlene McAdory
Adair Mosley
Tina Oskey
Mary Pargo*
Diana Rajchel
Arlene Santiago*
Joseph Senser
Rick Stafford
Justin Terrell*
Lindsay Turner
Robert Velez
Ann Viitala
David Ward
Michael Weinbeck
Vernon Wetternach*
Amy Yellowthunder
Austen Zuege*
Travis Zimmerman

The CRA has benefitted from the time and talent of professionals who have served as mediators to bring understanding and perspective sharing to officers and citizens. Roll call:

Alan Bachman
Prairie Bly
Susan Dworsky
Alex Erolin
William Fisher*
Harlan Garbell
Denise Reuter*
Mary Rice
Tracy Sherbert*
Charles Wilson


Thank you for your service and commitment to the CRA.

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